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5 Steps to Successful Employment Offer Negotiations In The Construction, Engineering Industries

Many job candidates in the construction industry fail to negotiate when they receive an employment offer. Failure to engage in employment… more

Why 'Checking In' Yields Better Management Results Than 'Checking On'

Businesses depend on effective managers for process efficiency, employee performance and bottom line profit. Depending on your management… more

Get Back Your Flawless Skin With The Right Skin Care Regimen

In today's world, everyone wants to look beautiful. No matter what age group you belong to, you wish to have an attractive outer appearance. Let's learn about the right skin care regimen.… more

Disney Agrees: Cable Is Dead

Disney has come up with a solution for both its online streaming content and ESPN. And it will be the death knell for cable TV.… more

Cybersecurity Profits Are Hiding in the Shadows

The more people who use a network, the bigger the vulnerabilities. That's a key reason why cybersecurity companies will keep growing for years to come.… more

A Spiritual Perspective on Modern Female Singlehood

Although modern female singlehood encompasses enormous potential for spiritual growth, it is a subject that brings misery to hundreds of millions of women around the world, especially in cultures that reject and judge single women.Yet,… more

Garmin Dezl 770LMTHD Review

Most drivers and outdoor enthusiasts suggest Garmin GPS units for quality navigational features. The new dezl 770LMTHD GPS unit from Garmin aims to target the truck drivers segment. It has an impressive array of features for commercial… more

How to Keep Your Blog Readers Happy and at the Same Time Gain New Readers

The age old dilemma for an established blogger is how to grow his or her audience without alienating the current one. The issue is that by… more

Getting Over the Fear of Failure

There are far too many people who are afraid they will fall short. In some cases, we avoid posting for a job because it will place us in the line of fire. I know of many situations where people stick with a profession they do not like… more

John Lennon: Plastic Ono Band

1970 proved a fruitful year for the solo Beatles, George Harrison releasing his behemoth 'All Things Must Pass', Paul McCartney cobbling his arresting homemade debut and John Lennon expressing his soul in a manner he never again equaled.… more


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