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Dr. Proctor.
Perhaps you can help clarify an uncertaintly for me since you may be more knowledgeable on the manufaturing side of things. Can we assume in the manufacturing process that the drug is distributed equally in the tablet. I have heard from prior meetings that there is always the possibility when quartering tablets that you could get inconsistent dosages, for example we assume if we quarter a 5mg tablet that we get 1.25, 1.25, 1.25 1.25 mg. However, I have heard, you may get 3, 0,0 , 2 or 5, 0,0,0 etc etc. Is there any basis for this? The concern has been that you may not be getting the proper daily dosage to provide the necessary effect. I also recognize that this would be an advantage for Merck if we did believe the inconsistent dosage philosophy. I am also not aware if anyone has actually done a sample on quartering and measuring the actual concentrations. ANy thoughts on this?
Ricardo Mejia MD
Hair Transplant Network Physician

Ricardo Mejia MD, FAAD
Jupiter FL
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